McKenzie Kruse August 19, 2023

2024-03-16 | 18:00:04

"Selena really listened to my concerns regarding my extensions. Previously I had 6 wefts in a single row. I always thought that was not well distributed for my fine hair. She took the time to listen to my concerns and made me feel extremely comfortable moving forward with switching to two rows instead of one. She also (finally) got me to the cool (mushroom) tone I have been wanting for years for my blonde pieces and my brunette body. She is amazing!"
Nancy Squier November 17, 2022

Nancy Squier

"Both Selena and Meaghan are talented in color, cut and styling! The best in Scottsdale."
Gail M Petrucci October 15, 2022

Gail M Petrucci

"What I mostly notice is that like myself, people don’t overly go out of their way to post positive reviews. Many reviews are done when a customer or client is unhappy or angry about a situation. In defense of Gossamer Salon, I will tell you that the “ginger” as she has been referred to has been doing my hair for about 12 years and I was happy for her and stayed a client when she went on to open her own shop. She is highly skilled in technique, color and instruction. As far as time management issues; all it takes is one client to be late and the entire day of the Salon will be off. People in general are disrespectful to the time of others and then as the snowball effect happens places the blame incorrectly. Regarding Lauren; I have known her for a couple of years now and have never seen her be unpleasant or disrespectful to anyone. When I’m preparing for weekend jaunts I make wash/blowout appointments with Lauren and the style gets me though the weekend without needing t"
Mandi Boyce September 8, 2022

Mandi Boyce

"The owner Selena has been doing my hair for about 14 years and she is phenomenal!! She is extremely skilled with cut and color and as an instructor is always knowledgeable about the latest techniques. She is also an incredible stylist. She has styled my hair for numerous events including my wedding which was perfection!!! I have also had the chance to work with Lauren quite a few times (including doing the bridesmaids hair for my wedding) and Lauren is also wonderful!! Both Lauren and Selena have also cut my husband's hair which is very thick and requires quite a bit of skill and styling. They both did a great job! I love this salon and this team! There is a reason Selena has had my, and my family's loyalty (mom, grandma and sister see her too) for so many years."
Amy Rino September 17, 2020

Amy Rino

"Oh my gosh...Scottsdale Extension & Color Bar and Selena are amazing! If I could give 10 stars, I would. I just moved to Scottsdale recently. Having had the same stylist (who I loved) for 24 years, I was at a loss as to how I would find anyone who could compare. And then Selena dropped in my path. I was at the restaurant next door to the salon and by chance, I met her. I decided to give it a shot and book an appointment with her. And boy am I glad I did. I walked out with my best hair in 25 years! This place deserves a 10...clean, cool vibe and Selena is the bomb. She is a true talent for color (an expert), cut and style and genuinely loves what she does. Love her. Love this place."
Rene S. February 7, 2020

Rene S.

"I dropped in on short notice and got an appointment for later the same day! What an incredible experience! Salina, the owner, trimmed my hair and styled it- she was amazing! She explained so much I had never been taught before about hair, drying it, washing it and styling. It was so much more than I expected! I would go here all the time if I lived in the area. I highly recommend her salon!!"